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<POSEI>防水袋Dry bag(10L)-Original

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由雙層PVC 及尼龍布料夾製而成,藉由PVC的特性,使防水袋具有優異的防水性能(防潑水)和耐用性。

  • 防水性能:PVC 500D布料具有出色的防水性能,可以有效抵御外來水份
  • 抗撕裂、耐用性:由於使用密度較高的尼龍基質,PVC 500D布料具有出色的耐磨、耐用性及抗撕裂性,能够在户外還境中承受一定的拉伸和撕裂力,較可以經受長时間的使用和惡劣環境的考驗。


  • 500D高防水PVC
  • 10L雙肩揹帶
  • 內層貼心手機夾鏈袋設計


The "POSEI" series waterproof bag features a highly waterproof fabric material, allowing you to have peace of mind about your belongings onshore. Durable, lightweight, and conveniently packable, "POSEI" provides protection for your valuable items from coming into contact with seawater without adding any burden.

-Material :PVC 500D

PVC 500D made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a density of 500D nylon base. It’s commonly used in the manufacturing of outdoor gear due to its excellent waterproof properties and durability.

  • Waterproof Performance: PVC 500D fabric offers outstanding waterproof performance, effectively repelling rainwater, moisture, and splashes.
  • Durability: Thanks to its high-density nylon base, PVC 500D fabric is highly abrasion-resistant and durable, capable of withstanding prolonged use and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Tear Resistance: This fabric typically exhibits high tear resistance, able to withstand stretching and tearing forces encountered in outdoor environments.


  • 500D waterproof PVC material
  • Equipped with two carrying straps
  • Features a zippered pocket inside