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No Bad Days-Tank -Friendly Cobra

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Friendly Cobra的外觀和一般眼鏡蛇相似,擁有特有的紋路,唯獨呈現鮮豔的顏色,使其在自然環境中更顯引人注目,儘管外表有些威嚇,但他的性格卻溫和友好。

Friendly Cobra棲息在亞熱帶和熱帶地區。與其他眼鏡蛇不同的是,Friendly Cobra更傾向於避免發生衝突。Friendly Cobra的友好性格使得它們成為受歡迎的寵物之一,並且在一些地方被視為象徵吉祥和幸運的生物。

100% Cotton(棉)

-Size Chart:
M  :衣長64cm     胸圍94cm
L   :衣長66cm     胸圍 98cm
XL :衣長68cm      胸圍 102cm


The appearance of the Friendly Cobra is similar to typical cobra, featuring distinctive patterns but distinguished by vibrant colors that make it particularly eye-catching in its natural habitat. Despite his somewhat intimidating exterior, his temper is actually gentle and friendly. 

The Friendly Cobra is commonly found in subtropical and tropical regions. Its amiable nature has made it a popular choice as a pet and, in some places, is regarded as a symbol of good fortune and luck. 

ㄦize Chart:

M :length 64cm      Chest 94cm

L :length  66cm       Chest 98cm

XL :length 68cm      Chest 102cm