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No Bad Days-Tank -Lazy Shark

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Lazy Shark擁有獨特的深色斑紋,通常棲息在溫暖的海域,與其他鯊魚不同的是,Lazy Shark不以高速追逐獵物為樂,而是喜歡悠游在水中,偶爾捕食一些小型魚類和甲殼類動物。特別喜愛飄浮在水中享受陽光的時刻,這種悠閒的舉動成為了Lazy Shark的代表特徵,也使他們成為了海洋世界中獨樹一格的存在。

100% Cotton(棉)

-Size Chart:
M :衣長64cm  胸圍 94cm
L :衣長66cm  胸圍 98cm
XL :衣長68cm 胸圍 102cm


The Lazy Shark possesses unique dark patterns and typically inhabits warm oceanic areas. What sets the Lazy Shark apart from other sharks is its preference for a leisurely pace . he enjoys gliding through the water, occasionally hunting small fish and crustaceans. Particularly fond of floating in the water to savor moments of sunlight, this relaxed behavior has become the defining characteristic of the Lazy Shark, making them a distinctive presence in the marine world.

-Size Chart:

M :length64cm      Chest 94cm

L :length66cm       Chest 98cm

XL :length68cm      Chest 102cm